Portable Solar Power Box-2FDX219  -  
Widely used in driving, camping, expedition and outdoor activities, providing the power to radio stations, computers, interphone, GPS, mobile working devices, emergency lights, etc.
Solar panel/ Power control cabinet/ Cable
Integrated design. Smal Size, portable, convenient and practical etc.
Dedicated box. High integration design,anti-shocking, Invulnerability strong performance;

Unique solar bracket (patented). Acting freely, using flexible;

MPPT controller. High efficiency, overcharge, over discharge, overload and short-circuit protection; 

Protection class: Military grade.

IP class: IP65

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solar panels
Solar panel Flexible monocrystalline silicon
Pmax  75W±10% 
Vmp 13.4V
Imp 5.7A
Folded size 414 x 538 x 6mm  
Unfolded size 828 x 538 x 3mm 
Net weight 1.5KG  
Utility Charging Time about 10hrs 
Power box
AC input AC 220V/50Hz 
Inverter Output AC 220V/50Hz 
300W(max), sine wave
USB output DC 5V,2.1ADC 5V,1A
Battery type 25.9V/26.4AH,
Li-ion Battery
Size 638 x 527 x 120mm 
Weight 14.8kgsolar panel included
Utility Charging Time about 5hrs 
All-in-one design, no installation job. 
ZL 201530253702.6
Above charging times are subject to the standard test conditions. (STC light intensity 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25℃.)
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