Home Solar Power Supply System - 2FMC605  -  120W/145W/170W
Smart on-off grid solar power supply system, supply electrical power for family, hotel, small club, apartment and villa etc.

Modular design for systems, customer can choose the appropriate module according to usage requirements, including the solar panel modules and battery storage unit. 

Several systems in parallel which work independent, when one of the solar microinverter component fails, it will not affect the other system. 

AC output cable using universal plug which can be directly used for home electrical outlet. 

Option: customer can have a centralized control management via the network connection; also, can have intelligent remote management via smart control APP. 

Easy installation. Customers can complete it easily, no need technical people. 

Solar panel with bracket frame/ Micro inverter/ Cable/ Energy storage unit (option)/ Smart control APP (option). 
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Solar panel:
Solar panel Flexible monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Pmax 120W/ 145W/ 170W
Efficiency >20%
Vmp 20V~35V
Dimension 1310 x 620 x 100mm (120W)
1570 x 620 x 100mm (145W)
1830 x 620 x 100mm (170W)
Weight 10.0 kgs (120W)
11.5 kgs (145W)
13.0 kgs (170W)
Micro inverter:
DC input 20V~35V
AC output 220V/ 50Hz, 150VA (sine wave)
Efficiency >91%
Power factor >0.95
Dimension 218 x 105 x 36mm
Energy storage unit
As an optional part, please check with our service team for details.

Please check with our service team.

Centralized Installation View

Independent Installation View

ZL 201630655255.1
Above charging times are subject to the standard test conditions. (STC light intensity 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25℃.)
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