Energy Storage Unit  -  300W / 450VA
Widely used in driving, camping, expedition and outdoor activities. It can for a variety of small AC-DC load power supply.
Energy Storage Unit/Cable
Foldable, portable, use convenient ;
Solar DC charging or adapter charging for optional,  come 
with 220V output,110V output and 5V output;
Smart DC power-on, to satisfy the emergency situation;
Constant Voltage output, to ensure safe and normal 
operation of charging equipment;
Over-charge, over-discharge, overload, over-temperature 
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Solar DC Input                   DC 19V / 5.7A
Adapter DC Intput             DC25.2V / 4.0A
Inverter                             300W(max), Sine Wave
Inverter Output                 AC 220V/ 50Hz,  AC110C/60Hz
USB Output                       DC 5V/2.1A , 2pcs
DC Output                         DC12V/10A  
Battery Type                     21.6V/20.8Ah, Li-ion Battery
Demension                        320mmx270mmx170mm
Weight                              5.7 Kg
Solar Charging Time           About 6 hours(108W Solar Panel)
Utility Charging Time          About 5.5 hours
Above charging times are subject to the standard test conditions. (STC light intensity 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25℃.)
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