Solar Energy HD Wireless Monitoring System - 2FWT004/2FWT005  -  
Wireless video monitoring(monitoring for public security cover traffic / city / community / oil and gas field pipelin / forest ,etc. )
Solar panel/ HD Camera/ Battery/ Controller/ Light pole/ footing etc
Solar energy wireless video monitoring system  combine PV and WIFI technology,build the video monitoring system without burying  mains and  network cables, easy installation and  can be built quickly.  
1、Adopt long life span ,flexible solar panel with  high covert efficiency and lithium battery to storage energy, energy saving and environment friendly, independent power supply without mains construction. 
2、Adopt high technology product with WIFI connect and transfer function. Transfer distance range from 0-5km,, reach max transfer rate for 300Mbps, anti-interference. It supports the telecommunication for far distance site to multi-sites, can transfer Multi –channel HD video. It can be used as site to site& site to multi-sites remote access wireless network bridge.
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                                      2FWT004                                           2FWT005

Solar Panel:                  85W±15%                                        85W±15%

Battery Capacity:         14.8V / 80Ah                                     14.8V / 80Ah
Battery Type:               Lithium Battery                                  Lithium Battery
Wireless Gateway:        Rate:300Mbps(Max)                      Rate:300Mbps(Max)
                                      Interface:2x10/100M Base-Tx            Interface:2x10/100M Base-Tx
                                      Transfer Distance:0~3.5km               Transfer Distance:0~3.5km
                                      HR:40°, Elevation  Angle:15°             HR:40°, Elevation  Angle:15°
Camera:                       Pixel:200 Million                                /
                                      Focal  Length:4~12mm                   /
                                      IR Distance:50m                              /
Rainy/Cloudy Days:     5~7 Days                                          5~7 Days
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